The first Japanese Book about Voiceflow!



This is the first Japanese book about "Voiceflow", which you can develop Voice apps without coding. Japanese famous VUI and Voiceflow enthusiast/experts/professionals including Alexa Champion and LINE API Experts, introduces their knowledge and tips to develop voice apps using Voiceflow. This book covers from beginers to advanced, from devlopers to non-developers, multi-platform(Alexa and Google), IoT/Cloud Integrations, and more!!! 

Print Length: 167 pages     Price: 1500JPY (TBD) 

Wide variety of topics!!!

From beginners to advanced, from developers to non-developers, we covers wide variety of topics such as introduction to voiceflow, google sheets/IoT/Cloud integrations, VUI design, prototyping, and tips for story creating.

Full of Screen-shots with description in detail!!!

What you see is what you get! Including a lot of  screen shots and descriptions in detail. Very easy to understand!!!

Covers the latest updates, So fresh!!!

Covers big UI updates of Voiceflow in Feb 2020. Latest and Fresh!!!

Indexes (Japanese Only)



Japanese VUI enthusiast/experts/professionals including Alexa Champion and LINE API Experts gathered for this book to introduce their knowledge and tips, with love for Voiceflow♥!

LINE API Expert(’19〜)

VUI Fukuoka

Voiceflow Global Ambassador/
Voiceflow Growth Award 2019

Professional VUI Developer

Professional VUI Designer

Women in Voice Japan ambassador

VUI Fukuoka / Alexa Skill Award Japan 2018 kids and parents prize

Alexa Champion(’20〜)
LINE API Expert(’19〜)

UI Designer
Moderation LLC. / CDO


Including special preface contributed by Voiceflow!!!


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